Ordering Bulk Jute Rope

Bulk jute rope is relatively easy to locate. Still, it can be challenging to identify a source that provides reasonable pricing, great quality, and exceptional customer service. SEACO Rope is that place if you require large quantities of jute rope. We establish long-term wholesaler and distributor relationships with our clients as manufacturers and bulk suppliers. Feel free to reach out to a member of our team today for more information on ordering bulk jute rope.

Our Jute Rope in Bulk

If you’re looking for a rope made from natural fiber, jute is a good alternative to cotton. It is flexible, durable, strong, yet pliable, and reasonably priced. If strength is not a concern, you might want to consider jute twine instead of jute rope.

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Why Order in Bulk?

There is a strong argument in favor of buying jute rope in bulk.

Save Costs

We produce jute rope in bulk, so we can spread the production costs over a large quantity. That means we can pass our cost savings on to our customers. Paying less per unit is the greatest benefit of buying jute rope in bulk.

Buying any of our ropes in bulk gives you a better per-unit price than you would pay for a lesser quantity because it provides economy of scale. The price per unit decreases as the quantity increases. When you buy a couple thousand feet of jute rope, you’ll pay less per foot than if you were to buy only 100 feet.

Save Time

Bulk ordering jute rope certainly makes a lot of sense in terms of the best use of your valuable time. When you buy jute rope in bulk, you’re not likely to find that you’re out of it when you need it. And you won’t be spending time placing additional orders and waiting for more jute rope to be delivered.

Save the Environment

Buying jute rope in bulk also makes a lot of sense from an environmental viewpoint. Fewer shipments are required when larger quantities are shipped at one time, so there is less waste in the form of packaging materials. And with fewer deliveries, less fuel is burned, releasing less carbon into the atmosphere.

Appropriate Applications

The pliability of jute rope makes it a good choice for packing or tying down light loads that need to be contained. It’s often used in agriculture and industry to bundle cables together and keep them together, so people don’t trip on them.

Jute rope is flexible enough to tie into knots easily and form different shapes, which makes it a good material for crafters and DIY experts.

Ordering Our Jute Rope

SEACO offers 5/16-inch and half-inch thick jute rope in 1,575-foot and 600-foot spools respectively.  The 5/16-inch rope has a strength rating of 180 pounds, while the half-inch rope is rated for 425 pounds.

Jute is a natural fiber that is not dyed or bleached before being made into rope. So our jute rope comes in one color—the natural tan of jute.

Order your bulk jute rope today and save with SEACO!