Ordering Bulk Cotton Rope

The best rope for decorative work, outdoor activities, everyday usage, and working with animals is cotton rope. Since cotton is the softest natural fiber used to make rope, it is the ideal option for preventing abrasion or discomfort other forms cause. When you have a need for significant quantities of bulk cotton rope–and you want to pay the right price without sacrificing on quality–SEACO Rope is the best place to shop. Feel free to reach out to a member of our team today for more information on ordering bulk cotton rope.

Why Order in Bulk? 4 Top Reasons

There are significant advantages to be gained from buying in bulk, including the following:

1.   Cost Efficiency

Buying in bulk gives you a lower price-per-unit for buying a large quantity at one time than you would pay for a smaller quantity. Bulk buyers benefit from the economy of scale because price-per-unit decreases as purchase quantity increases. The price per foot of 1,200 feet of cotton rope will be less than the price per foot for 100 feet of the same rope. 

Because we produce cotton rope in bulk, we can distribute the production costs over a large quantity and pass on the cost savings to our customers. But a lower per-unit price isn’t the only benefit of purchasing cotton rope in bulk.

2.   Flexibility

Purchasing cotton rope in bulk gives you greater flexibility from a time management perspective. You don’t have to take time out of your busy day to order more because you find you don’t have enough cotton rope on hand to finish a particular project. And you won’t waste time waiting for your next order to be delivered, especially when supply chain disruptions result in lengthy delays. Given how busy most people are these days, regaining some of your valuable time is a great benefit.

3.   Environmentally Sound

Buying in bulk is a best practice for the environmentally conscious, and that applies to purchasing rope as well as many other goods. With bulk purchasing, shipments are larger, but there are fewer of them. That means less packaging, and therefore less waste. It also means less fuel is used in delivering orders to customers, which translates into fewer carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere.

4.   Operational Efficiency

The money saved by purchasing cotton rope in bulk undoubtedly can be put to better use. Reducing the cost of doing business increases the profit margin, and the additional profits can be put to work to grow the business. It becomes an investment rather than an operating expense.

Why Cotton Rope 

For many people, the word “rope” brings to mind cotton rope, which is familiar from its many household applications. In fact, cotton is a material traditionally used to make rope. Cotton rope may not be the right choice for every possible use, but it is appropriate for many purposes. 

The most common type of cotton rope is sash cord, which has a synthetic core to give it additional strength and durability. The outer cover is made of premium high grade cotton. 

Sash cord gets its name from its common use in windows, specifically in sash windows. Cotton sash cord is part of a pulley and counterweight system that makes it easy to raise the lower panel in this traditional type of window. 

Cotton rope is lightweight, strong, and flexible. It has a soft feel that makes it comfortable on the hands. One of the greatest advantages of cotton rope is that it’s easy to work with. Its softness and flexibility makes it easy to tie knots in it, and its strength helps ensure those knots will hold tight under the stress of a load. 

In addition to its use as sash cord, cotton rope commonly is used for tie-down purposes, in gardening tasks, craft projects, and a wide variety of DIY applications.

Buy Our Cotton Rope in Bulk

Our sash cord cotton rope comes in a natural white color and in black. Both colors are available in five different diameters from 3/16 inch to ½ inch, packaged as 100 foot hanks (12 hanks per pack) or 1,200 foot spools. The exception is the ½ inch diameter cotton rope, which comes in 100 foot hanks (again, 12 hanks per pack) or 1,000 foot spools. 

We also offer BluTrace® Sash Cord cotton rope in white with a blue marker, but only in 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch diameters packaged as either 100 foot hanks or 1,200 foot spools.

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