Manila Rope Wholesale

Finding high-quality wholesale manila rope in large quantities from a supplier who offers affordable pricing, high quality and outstanding customer service can be a real challenge. But SEACO Rope has exactly what you’re looking for. Contact a member of our team today to learn more about purchasing manila rope wholesale.

Our Manila Rope Wholesale

Manila rope is a good bet if you’re seeking a strong rope made of natural fibers. Manila rope is, in fact, the strongest natural fiber rope manufactured today, and ours is a premium grade. Its high strength, durability, flexibility, and resistance to moisture makes it a great general utility rope.

You’ve probably seen manila rope being used for a number of purposes.

  • Boat owners and operators use it for a variety of tasks in a marine environment because they know that manila rope is not easily damaged by saltwater.
  • Fitness trainers often have their clients use thick manila ropes in exercise routines because it does not absorb perspiration, which makes it easy to maintain a grip on it.
  • Manila rope holds up well outdoors where it’s exposed to the elements, so it often is strung between posts or stanchions to establish boundaries or cordon off certain areas.
  • Many people like the rugged look of manila rope, which is made of natural fiber. That makes it a good choice for exterior decorative purposes. (Because it is an oiled rope, it is not recommended for indoor use.)


  • Strongest of all natural fiber ropes
  • Flexible and easily knotted
  • Low stretch
  • Non-snapping (unlike synthetic ropes, frays rather than snaps when at the breaking point)
  • Easily gripped
  • Contracts when wet, for tight, durable knots (shrinks by 15% when wet)
  • Ruggedly attractive look

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Shipping Wholesale

You won’t find a larger inventory of Rope and Twine products in the greater New York area than the one we maintain, with strategically located warehouses across the USA.

We use only the finest materials to manufacture the highest quality products, yet we are able to offer our customers affordable prices because of our vast resources. We will ship your order the same day we receive it, whether you order by phone, e-Mail, or fax. We’ll give you all the shipping details when you place your order.

For deliveries within our delivery zone, we use our own fleet of new trucks, so you can be assured that you will get what you want when you need it. We use common carriers, UPS or Fed-Ex for shipments outside of our delivery zone, depending on rates and timeframe.

Buy Wholesale Manila Rope Today

All of our manila rope comes in its natural tan color. We offer manila rope in diameters from ¼ inch to 2 inches.

In all sizes, 50, 100, 300, and 600 foot lengths come in coils.

The ¼ inch manila rope also comes in boxes containing 600 or 1,200 feet, and the 3/8” rope is available in a box containing 600 feet.

Order your wholesale manila rope today and save with SEACO!