How to Store Rope Properly

Quality rope can be a significant investment. While it’s smart to buy reliable ropes that will stand the test of time, you want to be sure to store those ropes properly to maximize their lifespan. This article will detail some of the basics of proper rope storage. 

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Two Key Concepts

As you consider how you will store your rope, there are two main goals you need to keep in mind – keeping the rope organized, and keeping it in good condition. When your ropes are organized, you’ll be able to quickly grab one and get to work without having to untangle a bunch of frustrating knots, first. Your productivity can be slowed down significantly if you are always wrestling with the ropes that you pull out of storage to put in action. 

As far as the condition of your ropes is concerned, this is a matter of safety first and foremost. A compromised rope could put people in danger, so protect your ropes to make sure they are up to the challenge of whatever task you need to complete. Also, protecting those ropes will allow them to last longer, meaning you will save money over the long run. Even the toughest rope will weather and wear out over time, so smart storage decisions are crucial. 

Easy Organizational Options

First, let’s talk about how to tidy up your ropes when they aren’t in use. The goal here is to make sure each rope can be grabbed out of storage and put to use right away without first having to straighten out knots or kinks in the line. If you simply toss a rope into a storage area without first trying to get it organized, you are sure to pay for that mistake later. 

Perhaps the simplest option here is to make a coil out of the rope. There is any number of ways to create a coil, and the right method will depend on the size of the rope in question. For a small rope, you may be able to wrap it around your hand or wrap it over your hand and under your elbow. Larger ropes could be wrapped onto a spool. With a coil created, you won’t have to worry about any tangles later and you can retrieve the rope at any time. 

If you want the rope to be more portable, consider a figure-eight pattern for storage. You’ll loop the rope into a rough oval shape and then use the end to tie around the middle of that oval. What you are left with resembles the number eight and will be easy to carry around from job to job. 

Where to Store Your Ropes

Keeping your ropes out of the elements is the top priority when selecting a storage location. Yes, many ropes are meant for outdoor use, but that doesn’t mean they should be stored outdoors. Exposure to the elements is going to lead to premature degradation of even the toughest materials. If possible, store rope inside where it will be protected from the sun’s rays, rain, snow, ice, and more. When organized properly, you can fit a significant amount of rope into a relatively small storage space. 

Also, be careful about what you store near your ropes in those indoor areas. You don’t want the ropes to come into contact with materials that could harm their condition, like oil or fuel. And, when storing cotton ropes, keep in mind the potential fire hazard that could result from keeping a large quantity of flammable material in one place. 

One other important concept is to keep your ropes clean. Before they are stored, wash any dirty ropes, and allow them to dry thoroughly before setting them in the storage area. If ropes are put away wet in a confined space, it’s possible that mold or mildew may develop. This is another step that will ensure you have ropes that are in good condition when it’s time to bring them back out of storage. 

What Kind of Rope Do You Need?

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