Eye Splice Double Braid Rope Uses

All About Eye Splice Double Braid Rope

A double braid rope, also called braid on braid rope, consists of an inner core and an outer layer. It gets its name from the fact that a single-braided rope serves as the core, and another rope is braided over it as a sheath. The two layers give the rope great strength without decreasing its flexibility.

What is an Eye Splice?

An eye splice is a permanent loop at the end of a rope, which provides a way to connect the rope. It’s created by leaving the end of the rope unbraided and folding those end strands back and weaving or braiding them into the rope, creating a loop that serves as a permanent termination. But splicing rope by hand can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we do the hard work for you, allowing you to purchase double braid rope with eye splices already built in—one at each end.

Eye splice rope is your best bet when you need to attach a rope to something else, such as a winch. Tying a knot would reduce the strength of the rope by about 50%, so an eye splice is a better solution. It makes it easy to connect a rope and does not reduce its strength.

Eye Splice Double Braid Rope Uses

Its strength, flexibility, and ease of connection make eye splice double braid rope a favorite for applications such as these:

Marine and boating uses. Look around a marina and you’ll see plenty of eye splice double braid rope being used for docking and mooring purposes. There’s no need to tie a knot when you can simply slip an eye splice loop over a cleat. With 6-inch eyes at each end, our double braid rope is ideal for this job.

Rigging. Rigging and tie-down applications require a strong rope that is flexible and easy to work with, like our high-quality double braid polyester rope.

Winch line. Our eye splice double braid rope is strong enough for winch work and won’t kink during winding or unwinding.

Pull rope. Contractors who need pull lines as part of their daily work find our eye splice double braid polyester rope to be a great choice.

Double Braid Rope Uses in Construction and Electrical

Builders and electricians have many uses for eye splice double braid rope, particularly in pulling wire through conduits. Solar installers may need to pull wire through potentially hundreds of feet of buried conduit.

While string is often used for shorter pulls of lighter wires, double braid rope is a far better choice for pulling heavier wires for longer distances. And the eye splice makes it easy to attach the wire to the end of the rope.

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We offer eye splice double braid rope in white, with either a blue marker or a double green marker. All three are stock colors and are available in ¼ inch to 1 ¼ inch diameters, and in 300’, 600’, and 1,200’ foot spools, and even up to 2,400’ spools on various diameters. Seaco offers double braid rope in just about every color combination imaginable!

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