Best Ropes for Heavy Lifting & Rigging

When serious lifting or heavy lift rigging is on the agenda, only the best ropes will do. Not only do you need the right ropes to make sure you can get the job done – but you also need good ropes to make sure everyone will stay safe along the way. Investing in the right ropes for lifting and rigging is an essential part of doing this kind of work. 

This article will look at some of the best ropes for these important tasks, but you can also browse our catalog. If you have any questions about these kinds of ropes or anything else we offer here at SEACO, please feel free to reach out right away for bulk ordering assistance. We will be happy to serve you!

The Needed Characteristics for Heavy Lift Rigging

When you start searching for the right ropes for your lifting and rigging tasks, it is important that you understand what characteristics are valued in these applications. Once you know what you are looking for, it becomes pretty easy to find the right products. Some of the key traits that you want to find in these ropes include the following –

  • High strength-to-weight ratio. Ropes used for these kinds of jobs need to be strong, of course, but you also want to keep their weight down as low as possible. That’s because as the weight of a rope goes up, so too does the overall weight of what you are trying to lift (the load in question plus the rope itself). The rope is always going to add some weight to the equation, but a high strength-to-weight ratio will help you overcome these challenging tasks. 
  • Durability. You don’t want to make a purchase of new ropes every time something heavy needs to be lifted. Rather, you want the ropes you invest in to last for a long time, delivering great value for the money you spent. 
  • Minimal stretch. For most heavy lifting applications, stretching in a rope is going to be a bad thing. It’s important to maintain full control over the load and using a rope with little stretch will help to keep everything under control throughout the procedure. 
  • Suitable for conditions. If you are lifting heavy loads indoors, conditions won’t be much of a factor. But, if this work is taking place outside, the local conditions need to be considered to make sure you have a rope that isn’t going to degrade in performance prematurely as a result of the weather. 

Some of the Leading Options

The right rope for your needs is going to depend on many factors, so it’s impossible to say here what the best choice will be for your situation. However, we can highlight some of the popular picks to give you a good starting point as you shop. 

  • Polyester rope. One of the most popular types of rope, polyester makes an excellent rope because it brings many positive performance characteristics like impressive strength and rot resistance. Also, polyester does not offer a lot of stretch when under load, which is often a desirable characteristic. 
  • Nylon rope. Another extremely popular material for rope, nylon ropes are quite similar to polyester with the exception that nylon does stretch significantly under load. So, if shock absorption is an important trait for a certain job, looking to nylon rope as opposed to polyester might be a better bet. On the downside, nylon will lose strength when it gets wet, so it’s not the ideal pick when wet conditions may exist.  
  • Polypropylene rope. This is the go-to rope for most applications in and around the water, but it should not be seen as an option only in the marine environment. The blend of features that polypropylene has to offer makes it a good pick for countless tasks where strength, durability, and resistance to rot are needed. 

It’s also worth noting that ropes made of two or more different materials may be the right choice to get everything you need in a single package. By blending materials, rope manufacturers can get the “best of both worlds” and create a product that is better than anything that could have been produced with a single material alone. 

Trust SEACO for All Rope Needs

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