A Guide to Mason Line

Mason line goes by several names, including mason twine, seine twine, masonry line, mason string and more. Masons and even DIY’s use it when laying patios, or building posts, footings, and brick or concrete block walls, among other structures. Using mason line ensures straight lines and level surfaces when a handheld level, no matter how long, won’t be accurate enough. According to the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA), experienced masons can lay about five times as many masonry units to a mason line than they can when using a level.

Nylon mason line is specifically designed not to sag, so it’s trusted to provide an accurate guide for brick and block masons to lay each course straight, plumb, level, and at the right height. Masons will check a mason line from time to time to make sure that it has remained in position. Still, for extremely long courses, the best practice is to place a trig (a support) at one or more points along the line to ensure there will be no sagging.

Although mason line is used primarily in construction, it also has uses in fishing, boating, camping, crafting, gardening, DIY projects, and other situations that call for a heavy-duty twine. 

Twisted vs. Braided Mason Line

The two main types of mason line—twisted and braided—serve the same purpose but differ in some ways. Braided mason line is created by braiding together 8 to 10 fibers into a tube-like braid. While braided mason line is stronger than twisted line, does not unravel when cut, and is easy on the hands, it’s difficult to splice on your own. If you’re using a windlass and chain and need to do your own splicing, you might be better off using twisted mason line. 

Three-strand twisted mason line is the type most used in construction applications for a variety of reasons. It’s created by twisting fibers into strands, and then twisting the strands into rope. The tighter the twisting or braiding, the stronger the line and the tauter it will remain when pulled tight.

Why is Durability Important for Mason Line?

Because mason line is used outdoors, it needs to be naturally resistant to moisture, chemicals, oils, rot, and adverse weather conditions. You should look for a line with a tight twist or braid, ideally made from 100% nylon, which is virtually waterproof, has minimal stretch, and doesn’t become distorted under tension or a heavy load. Most nylon mason lines have a breaking strength of at least 150 pounds. At SEACO we offer 160 pound test. 

Why is Visibility Important for Mason Line?

Brightly colored mason line stands out against bricks and blocks of different colors and shades. Mason line in white or a fluorescent color is highly visible, making it easy for workers to use it for reference, without eye strain. Visibility is always important for workplace safety, particularly on a construction site. The color of the mason line should be consistent throughout the roll to ensure maximum visibility under different light levels.

Why Is Weight Important for Mason Line?

The higher the weight of mason line, the less susceptible it is to stretch and distort under tension. Heavy-duty mason line is the least likely to sag, which makes it the most reliable for maintaining level and straightness. Heavy-duty line typically has a tensile strength of 160 pounds, meaning it is resistant to breaking under a load of up to 160 pounds. 

Buy Mason Line from SEACO

Buying from a bulk supplier offers many advantages. As a manufacturer and bulk supplier, we create long-term wholesaler and distributor relationships with our clients.  

SEACO also has the resources to offer the most competitive pricing and same day shipping. We maintain the largest inventory of rope and twine products in the Greater New York area, and our strategically placed warehouses (New York City, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Portland, and Ontario, Canada) allow us to fill orders quickly. We use our own fleet of new trucks for speedy delivery to customers within our delivery area. We ship to customers outside of our delivery area, via common carriers, UPS or FedEx.

Download our catalog today and see what mason line solutions we can provide to meet your needs or see our nylon mason line here.

Mason Line Colors We Sell

SEACO offers premium twisted mason line in several highly visible colors: white, fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, and fluorescent pink. 

Mason Line Weights We Supply

We provide premium nylon twisted mason line with a tensile strength of 160 pounds.

Mason Line Lengths We Offer

Our premium twisted mason line comes in tubes of 275, 550, or 1,090 feet, with 12 tubes to a pack, weighing 3, 6, or 12 pounds respectively.

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