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Manila Rope Applications

  • Marine tasks. One of the notable features of manila rope is its resistance to damage from saltwater. If you own or operate a boat in a marine environment, this rope will be a welcome addition to your gear box.
  • Exercise. Thicker manila ropes are frequently used for exercise routines that call for rope. That’s because this rope can absorb perspiration to help ensure a reliable grip. If you’ve ever seen a fitness trainer working with a client in a gym while swinging ropes around, manila was likely the material the rope was made with.
  • Establish Boundaries. Given how well this rope stands up to outdoor elements and how easy it is to work with, it’s a natural fit for blocking off areas.
  • Exterior Décor. With its rugged, natural look, manila rope is a great option for many exterior décor projects. Note that we only recommend using this rope for outdoor projects. It is an oiled product not intended for interior use.
  • Utility Rope. Manila is an excellent option for a general utility rope, thanks to its high strength, rugged durability, flexibility, and ability to stand up to marine environments.

Manila Rope Benefits

  • Strong. When it comes to strength, manila is king. This is the strongest product of all natural fiber ropes.
  • Flexible. This rope’s flexibility makes it easy to handle and tie into knots.
  • Non-Snapping. When manila rope is put under heavy stress and is ready to break—and ALL rope breaks—it won’t snap like synthetic ropes. Instead, it will simply fray apart, making it less dangerous under harsh use.
  • Contraction When Wet. If you want your knots to tighten up and become extremely durable when set, manila rope is perfect. The rope will contract when it gets wet, meaning any knots that have been tied will stiffen dramatically.
  • Rugged Look. When you picture a classic rope, your mind likely brings up an image of something like manila rope. If you care about the aesthetics of your project, this rope won’t let you down.


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Cotton Cable Cord Applications

  • Chalk line. For construction projects, cotton cable cord can be used as a chalk line to mark out straight lines on various surfaces. 
  • Mason line. Another construction application for this product is using it as mason line. A level line placed before laying bricks can help ensure the finished wall is perfectly straight. 
  • Crafting. Many crafters love using cotton cord, because it can be tied easily and offers a soft, natural look that fits nicely with a variety of projects. This is the preferred product for macramé. 

Benefits of Cotton Cable Cord

  • Durable. The blend of cotton and polyester provides you with excellent durability when using this cord. 
  • Able to snap. This is an important feature when using cotton cord as a chalk line. To put down a chalk line, you need a cord or twine that is tight enough to snap down when you pull it up. Our cotton cable cord will work nicely for that purpose. 
  • Comfortable to work with. If you are spending much of your day working with this product, you’ll be happy to know that it will be comfortable on your hands as the hours go by. 


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Sisal Twine Applications

  • Agricultural jobs. As a natural fiber, sisal twine is an easy choice for many outdoor jobs, such as gardening tasks, tying up branches and vines, and more. 
  • Tie down. Sisal twine brings impressive strength for its size, making it a good pick for general tie down tasks. 
  • Cooking. That’s right. You can even use this product in the kitchen, where it can help you tie up a protein like turkey or chicken before it is cooked.

Benefits of Sisal Twine

  • Biodegradable. Do a favor for the environment by opting for this twine, which is biodegradable and won’t harm nature if it is left out in the elements. This is one of the key benefits that makes sisal great for agricultural work. 
  • Ties well. The pliable nature and texture of sisal twine helps it hold together in a knot when you tie it up. 
  • Surprising strength. You will have a lot of strength to work with when using sisal twine. This is a nice advantage when you need a strong line that doesn’t add a lot of bulk. 


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Polyester Sewing Applications

  • Sewing manmade fibers. If you are working with an artificial fabric as opposed to something natural like cotton, polyester thread is a great choice. 
  • Quilting projects. The strength of polyester sewing thread makes it a popular option for quilts. 
  • Stretch knit projects. When designing and creating garments with stretch knit materials, turn to polyester thread for the right performance characteristics.

Benefits of Polyester Sewing Thread

  • Resists sun damage. Items that are going to spend a lot of time outside will face harsh UV rays from the sun. Polyester thread can resist damage from those rays, keeping the item in good condition for longer. 
  • Mildew fighter. In addition to resisting sun damage, polyester thread can also fight back against the growth of mildew. Again, this is a benefit for outdoor use, where a damp environment may be present. 
  • Plenty of give. For an item that you want to be able to bend and stretch freely, this thread will offer the needed flexibility. 


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Poly Twine Applications

  • Craft projects. Poly twine is easy to work with and can quickly be tied into knots for various craft projects and other DIY activities. 
  • Recycling. Materials set for recycling often need to be bundled together. Our polypropylene twine is strong enough for this task.
  • Gardening. If you love to garden or you do landscaping work as a profession, having a spool of this twine on hand can help you move and tie up plants, bundle branches and even tie up your Christmas tree.

Benefits of Poly Twine

  • Pliable. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this product is how easily it can be formed into knots. Some twine materials make it hard to tie strong knots, but there will be no such trouble here. 
  • Strong for its size. Though this twine is thin, it also delivers impressive strength to handle jobs that might be too big for twine made from other materials. 
  • Feels good. Another problem with other twine materials is the way they can wear down your hands after a long day of work. This polypropylene material is comfortable on your hands and will allow you to work for hours. 


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Poly Ribbon Applications

  • Package wrapping. One common use for poly ribbon is as a finishing touch for gift packages that have been wrapped. The ribbon can help to hold the package together while adding an attractive visual element. 
  • Floral design. If you enjoy creating beautiful bouquets of flowers—whether as a hobby or a profession—poly ribbon is a good supply to keep on hand. 
  • General decorating. Beyond gifts and flowers, poly ribbon can be put to work in many other decorating applications. 

Benefits of Poly Ribbon

  • A shiny finish. This is what draws so many people to use poly ribbon over other options. The shiny appearance is visually attractive and can help a gift or product stand out from the crowd. 
  • Easy to use. Poly ribbon is extremely flexible and easy to work with. You should have no trouble tying it into a knot or bow. 
  • Lightweight & strong. This product has enough strength to help hold a package together, but it also easy enough to break apart when opening a present or unwrapping a product. 


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Polished Cotton Twine Applications

  • Create beautiful craft projects. The finished, smooth look of polished cotton twine can be a great addition to a range of craft projects. 
  • Improve commercial products. If you sell small gifts or other products, this twine can be used to tie up the packages for a hand-crafted, custom look. 
  • Cooking uses. Twine is frequently used to aid in the cooking process, typically by tying up pieces of meat into a shape that can be cooked evenly. Our polished twine is food grade polished.

Benefits of Polished Cotton Twine

  • Improved performance. The polished finish holds the twine together beautifully while in use. 
  • Cleaner cuts. Some twines can fray badly on the ends after they have been cut. This is not an issue with polished cotton twine, making it great for applications where small sections will be cut off frequently. 
  • Natural look. Some other types of twine look artificial and can take away from the appearance of products or projects. The natural appeal of cotton twine is a nice fit for many tasks. 
  • Strong. Despite its small diameter, our polished twine is quite strong for its size.


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Flax Twine Applications

  • Meat production. Flax twine can be used to tie off the ends of sausage links, whether in a commercial or home kitchen. Our Italian Ruby® Sausage Twine is perfect for this task. We also have Italian Ruby® Prosciutto twine, which is perfect for preparing prosciutto!
  • Craft projects. Many crafters love the look of flax twine in their projects, as it brings a natural element that is hard to get with any other type of cord. 
  • Furniture manufacturing & repair. Furniture manufacturers use our Italian Ruby® flax twine in the production and repair of fine furniture and mattresses. Italian Ruby® flax twine is the preferred product when tying springs.  
  • Fireworks manufacturing. Italian Ruby® Stitching Twine is used to “spike” fireworks shells, increasing the strength of the shell casing to create a larger explosion.

Benefits of Flax Twine

  • Strong for its size. Our flax twine has a very small diameter, yet it delivers impressive strength from that small package. This makes it appealing in a variety of applications where strength is needed but only a small space is available. 
  • A natural product. Whether you need to use a natural fiber because of the type of work you are doing, or you simply prefer natural to synthetic, flax twine is a great pick.   


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Cotton Twine Applications

  • Packaging. Whether in a commercial application or for personal use, cotton twine is great for finishing a package. Many shops will use cotton twine as a decorative way to keep everything together when an item is sold to a customer. 
  • Crafts. Cotton twine is extremely popular in crafting as its small diameter and sturdy construction make it a great fit for many projects. 
  • Book binding. One unique option for using cotton twine thread is as a book binding material. Tying a book’s pages together gives it a rustic, traditional appearance that will be just right for some projects. 
  • Recreational. Our cotton twine can be used for flying kites or even give a ball to a kitten to play with.

Benefits of Cotton Twine

  • Lightweight. Adding cotton twine to a product or package will not add anything notable in terms of weight. 
  • Natural look. Many people love the traditional look of cotton, and even our cotton/polyester blend retains that classic appearance. 
  • Easy to handle. Cotton twine has a great feel and makes for easy work when wrapping and tying. 
  • Strength. For such a small diameter, cotton twine is surprisingly strong. We have options with strength ratings ranging from 17-50 pounds.


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Nylon Seine Twine Applications

  • Mason line. Performing mason work requires the use of twine to establish a perfectly straight course from one end to another. Our white nylon seine twine is perfect for this task, as it is durable, low-stretch, and easy to see. 
  • Weaving. This type of twine is used frequently in weaving projects. It’s suitable to create quality rugs, because it can withstand tension without stretching out. 
  • Tying cables. Nylon twine is a sturdy cable tie that is easy to work with and offers the strength needed to hold together over time. 
  • Fishing lines and nets. Nylon twine is a strong and lightweight product used by fisherman in manufacturing and repairing valuable nets. 
  • Duck decoys. Hunters and trappers alike use our nylon seine twine to tie duck and foul decoys for the perfect catch.

Benefits of Nylon Seine Twine

  • Low stretch. Some other twine products stretch too much for certain applications. Avoid that problem by opting for our nylon seine twine instead. 
  • Outstanding strength. The tight seine twist used to create this twine gives it impressive strength for a small diameter. Our nylon seine twine meets NYCTA specifications with a strength rating of 600 lbs. 
  • Nylon performance. There is a reason that nylon is used to create so many different rope, string, and twine products. With great strength, resistance to abrasion, mildew and marine growth, petroleum product resistance, and long-lasting durability, this is an excellent synthetic material for a wide range of rope and twine applications.