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Stitching Twine Applications

  • Furniture making. The great feel and natural look of stitching twine make it an obvious choice for many furniture projects. 
  • Furniture repair. If you need to repair a damaged piece of quality furniture, having this type of flax twine on hand may make the job much easier. 
  • Fireworks manufacturing. This stitching twine is often used by fireworks manufacturers to “spike” shells, which increases the strength of the shell casing. This process allows the shell to withstand more pressure, resulting in a bigger BOOM.

Benefits of Stitching Twine

  • Natural beauty. There is no substitute for the natural beauty and great feel of Italian Ruby® flax stitching twine. If you care about the look and feel of your finished project, you can’t go wrong with this option.
  • Excellent strength. The use of flax and the way the twine is twisted together leads to an impressively strong product despite its small diameter. 
  • Easy to tie. Flax twine feels great in your hands and naturally grips itself when formed into a knot. These characteristics make it a pleasure to work with when knots are required. 


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Sausage Twine Applications

  • Tying sausages. As the name indicates, you can use this sausage twine to tie off links of sausage securely. 
  • Preparing other food products. Many other types of food products require tying. Whether tying roasts, poultry, wild game, or specialty foods like tamales, rest assured that our premium twines will get the job done well. 
  • Wrapping packages. Sausage twine can also be put to use as a packaging product. For this purpose, it is an affordable way to tie up boxes and bags securely, while adding a nice decorative touch. 

Benefits of Sausage Twine

  • All-natural. You want to tie up foods using all-natural twine, and that’s what you’ll get from SEACO. We offer several options, including 100% cotton sausage twine, 100% flax sausage twine, and linen sausage twine.
  • Light, yet strong. For obvious reasons, you can’t use big ropes when tying up meat products. At the same time, the lines need to be strong enough to hold together on the end of a sausage or around a roast. These twine products strike the right balance between strength and size. 


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Pull Tape Applications

  • Running wires. The intended purpose of pull tape is to assist in the running of wires through conduits. It is strong enough to hold up to this kind of work, and its thin shape makes it easy to fit even in compact spaces. 
  • Measuring tape. Need to measure something on the job site but don’t have a tape measure on hand. With sequential markings printed on the tape, this product can come in handy in a pinch.
  • Tie downs & general purpose. Although not its designed purpose, the lightweight nature and low-stretch design of this tape make it useful for some tie down tasks or other assorted jobs on a work site. 

Benefits of Pull Tape

  • Multiple sizes. Not only is polyester pull tape well-suited to work through conduit easily, but it’s also available in a variety of sizes so you can get just the right fit for your wiring needs. SEACO offers 1/2’’, 3/4’’, and 5/8’’ varieties in Polyester and 3/16” in Herculine.
  • Distance markings. Our pull tape has footage markings printed directly on the tape to help keep your work as accurate as possible. 
  • Slick finish. There are plenty of places in a conduit run for your wiring to get hung up. The slick coating and thin shape of this pull tape keep everything moving along easily toward the end of the run. 


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Lamp & Quick Wick Applications

  • Packing threads. Every plumber should know how to pack threads using lamp wick, as this skill still comes in handy on certain projects. This type of twine has been used to create an effective seal for many years.
  • Handling large diameter pipes. In some cases, when plumbing a large diameter pipe, it might be preferred or even necessary to use lamp wick or quick wick instead of plumber’s tape. 
  • Cover pipe cracks. This twine can be used to cover up minor cracks or cuts on threaded pipes.

Benefits of Lamp & Quick Wick

  • Achieve a proper seal. Teflon tape is the standard today for sealing threaded joints, but some may not seal completely when using tape. It can be helpful to turn to lamp wick as a solution. This is particularly true when working on old fittings. 
  • Alternative to taping and doping. Having lamp wick on hand offers the plumber an alternative that may be able to solve a problem that can’t be addressed through tape and dope alone. 


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Mason Line Applications

  • Lay a straight course. There is no room in a bricklaying job for straying off-line. With nylon mason line close at hand, you can get everything lined up perfectly before the bricks start to go down. 
  • Set posts. You can use mason line for other construction projects beyond laying brick. For instance, if you are building a deck and need to set posts perfectly in a row, a sturdy twisted mason line can help you place them in just the right spot. 

Benefits of Mason Line

  • Save time. Any mistakes made along the way while trying to lay bricks will only cost you time and money later in the job. Using mason line right from the start can help you avoid significant headaches later on. 
  • Minimal stretch. Our Made in USA 100% nylon mason line has very little stretch, which is so important when doing masonry work. Get a tight straight line that you can rely on.
  • Bright colors. SEACO offers a selection of bright colors, allowing you to pick one that will stand out on your job site and make the job easier. 
  • Simplify the job. You may find that you need to reach for your level less often while laying bricks when you are using mason line on the job. While it might take some time to set up your line initially, the overall job can be completed faster thanks to limiting your use of the level. 


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Garden Twine Applications

  • Tying plants. When you want to encourage a plant to grow in a given direction, tying it up is the best way to go. This is a technique commonly used for tomatoes, young trees, and many other plants. Our garden twine is the right tool for this job, because it is 100% cotton and biodegradable. 
  • Hang plants to dry. Once a plant has reached maturity, it may need to be hung up for a period of time to dry out. For instance, if you grow herbs, those can be hung to dry in preparation for use. Again, garden twine is perfect for this task. 
  • Organizing seeds or bulbs. When planting a new garden at the start of spring, you can run lines of garden twine back and forth across the planting area to keep everything lined up. 

Benefits of Garden Twine

  • All-natural. You don’t want to add anything synthetic to your garden if at all possible. With 100% cotton, biodegradable twine from SEACO, that won’t be a concern. 
  • The right shade. Our garden twine comes in green so it will blend in nicely with the rest of your garden. After all, you want the plants to be the star of the show!


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Butchers Twine Applications

  • Tying Meat. For certain meat products, it is necessary to tie up the meat with a food-safe twine. For instance, a chicken can be trussed, or a roast can be tied into an appropriate shape for even cooking. A full-service butcher shop will routinely do this kind of work for their customers—but you can do it at home as well. 
  • Tying Packages. This twine can also be used on the outside of butchers paper, rather than directly on the meat. Once a product is packed in paper, the twine can be used to seal it closed for the trip home. 
  • Home Crafts. It’s also possible to get great use out of this twine outside of a butcher shop or kitchen. If you love to make crafts at home, a trusty ball of twine can come in handy over and over again. 

Benefits of Butchers Twine

  • Affordable. When you buy from SEACO, you’ll get quality twine for an affordable price that won’t take a big chunk out of your operating budget. Our cones include as much as 10,200 feet of twine. 
  • Strength. Our butchers twine is available with strength ratings from 6-62 pounds, so you can choose the right option for your specific needs. 


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Bakery Twine Applications

  • Tying Baked Goods. Do you package cookies, cakes, or other goods in decorative boxes or bags? If so, this bakery twine is the perfect way to hold those packages closed while adding a design touch at the same time. 
  • Tying Specialty Foods. Many specialty food manufacturers use our bakery twine to differentiate between flavors. Red & White may mean “spicy”, while Green & White may mean “mild”. With many color options available, it’s easy to use our bakery twine to color code your items.
  • Hanging Signs or Frames. Despite the name, bakery twine can be used for more than baked goods. One idea is to use this product to hang up lightweight signs or picture frames. 

Benefits of Bakery Twine

  • Custom Colors. SEACO bakery twine is available in custom colors. Ask your sales representative for options.
  • Practical Advantages. Tying your goods closed inside a box or bag will help the customer get home safely without any accidents. Composed of two strands of cotton and two strands of polyester, our bakery twine has just the right break strength to keep the tie strong while still being able to be broken by hand. 
  • Coordinate Branding. SEACO offers five standard color options for bakery twine, including plain white and four combinations of white and another color (red, blue, green, brown). Additionally, we are happy to serve custom orders to match your color scheme. 
  • Easy to Use. A busy bakery doesn’t have time to fuss with uncooperative string. Our bakery twine is easy to use and simple to tie into a knot.