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Diamond Braid Rope Applications

  • Waterskiing. It takes a special kind of rope with just the right capabilities to handle waterskiing duty. Diamond braid rope is perfect for the job, especially when made with polyester.
  • Tiedown. The combination of flexibility, strength, and light overall weight makes these ropes handy for a variety of tiedown applications.
  • Industrial Work. Whether for shipping, fishing on the water, or warehouse work back on land, diamond braid rope is used in countless industries. Its strength, durability, and resistance make it a great choice for many industrial applications.

Benefits of Diamond Braid Rope

  • Resists Abrasions. With so many threads used to form the pattern, this type of rope holds up well even in abrasive situations.
  • Comfortable in Hand. If you need a rope that you will be handling all day long, diamond braid is a great choice. The braided construction provides a smooth, comfortable feel in the hand.
  • Does Not Twist. Thanks to the tight braid with fibers passing above and below, this rope resists twisting, making it perfect for applications where you need to keep your rope straight.
  • Durable. You won’t need to worry about degradation from things like mildew, rot and chemicals when you opt for one of these long-lasting ropes.