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Nylon Rope Applications

  • Towing & pulling. Nylon rope is a great choice for towing applications thanks to the overall strength of the product. Also, with some give in the line, it’s easier to handle loads without creating too much shock.
  • Tie downs. In addition to its strength, nylon works well for tie down duty, because it is flexible and easy to form into a knot. Keeping a spool of nylon rope on hand will allow you to handle most tie down tasks with ease.
  • Flagpoles. Solid braid nylon’s impressive strength and UV resistance make it a great option for use as a flagpole rope.
  • Marine work. Although nylon can absorb some moisture when it gets wet, it’s still commonly seen in marinas as boat docking lines and for use in other tasks.

Benefits of Nylon Rope

  • Impressive strength. Nylon rope is hands down one of the strongest ropes on the market today.
  • Resistant to UV damage. If your ropes are going to be out in the sun every day, nylon is prepared to hold up better than other materials. It will also resist damage from other sources like mold and mildew, petroleum products, and more.
  • Resistant to abrasion. Do you need to perform tough work where the cord will be dragged over rough surfaces? Nylon can take that kind of punishment and continue to perform beautifully.


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Polyester Rope Applications

  • Sailing & Boating. Operating a sailboat requires the use of many ropes, and poly rope performs beautifully in a marine setting. It remains strong when wet, is UV resistant and is resistant to rot.
  • Lifting. With such an impressive strength for its size, polyester rope is a natural choice for lifting tasks or even for towing. Also, limited stretch in the rope means it is more secure to work with when managing heavy loads.
  • Rigging. This strong rope stands up well outdoors and is tough enough for rigging jobs with its superior abrasion resistance.
  • Tie Down: With its strength and its rot, UV, and abrasion resistance, polyester rope makes a great option for general tide down applications.

Benefits of Polyester Rope

  • Resists UV Damage. If you plan to have your ropes out in the sun for long periods of time, poly rope won’t degrade as quickly as other choices.
  • Rot Resistant. This is yet another great reason why polyester rope is a preferred choice for outdoor applications.
  • Excellent Value. For a rope that can do so much, and last so long, you will be pleasantly surprised at the affordable price tag.