HotSeat Warmers

  • Unfolds to 12” x 12” thin pad
  • Air activated upon package opening
  • Has sticky adhesive backing with wax paper backing (does not need to be removed to activate)
  • Avg. heat 110-120 degrees
  • Will last 5-7 hours
  • Disposable, one-time use
  • Package dimensions ¼ inch thick W5.5” x  L9″ 
  • Held in air tight plastic pack, thin, with punch hole for Retail hanging option 
  • Working Outdoors, Operating Heavy Equipment. Filming or Photographing in the Cold  
  • Professional Sports, Stadiums & Tailgating, College, High School & local Kid Games.
  • Hunting, Hiking, Fishing, Camping, Around the Camp Fire, Sleeping Bag
  • Military, Police, Fire, Search & Rescue
  • Filming or Photographing in the Cold   
  • Sold by the case only. (6 boxes per case)
  • One display box (point of sale display)
    • Holds 12 individual units
    • Weight 5.85lbs
    • Box dimensions H5.5” x  W8” x D9”
    • One shipping case
    • Holds 6 display boxes, 72 units
    • 37.5lbs (ships UPS)
    • Box dimensions H6” x W19” x D25”
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