Flax Rope

ItLooking for a natural rope that offers a variety of performance benefits? Flax rope deserves your attention. While many suppliers have flax rope for sale, SEACO is proud to be the only North American importer of Italian Ruby® Rope. This incredible product is biodegradable, features surprising strength for its size, and is non-carcinogenic. It also keeps cool under warm temperatures, absorbs moisture, and features minimal elongation with a 285 lb. breaking point. Place an order for this reliable rope, and you may be surprised to find just how much it can do.

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
Natural-Tan4-Ply/10 lb.1,500ft.110#132ITA 200

Flax Rope Applications

  • Cable tying. One of the classic uses for flax rope is tying cables. This is important for organizing spaces such as film sets, studios, IT departments, home theaters and more. Flax rope is a natural fit thanks to its flexibility and heat resistance.
  • Pet toys. Rope is commonly used when designing and creating pet toys. This natural product is preferred by many over synthetic options.
  • Building furniture. The natural furniture market has a dedicated following. Flax rope is often used to strengthen joints without metal fasteners, create rustic seat covers and more.
  • Arts & crafts. Flax rope has a very down-to-earth, rustic feel that makes it great for home décor and crafts. From baskets to place mats, handles, frames and more, you’re sure to find many creative uses for this product.

Choosing Flax Rope

  • Look for natural. There are synthetic versions of flax rope available today, but they don’t offer all of the same benefits as the real thing. As the only North American supplier of Italian Ruby® Rope, SEACO is the best place to get this premium natural flax product.
  • Consider the strength rating. For everything there is to love about flax rope, it is not the strongest rope on the market. Even so, it is strong for its size, with a breaking point of 285 lbs. despite how thin it is. When purchasing, compare the strength rating to your planned project to make sure it is the right fit for your needs.

Seaco Industries is the sole importer of Italian Ruby® Rope/Twine in North America.


Tree Rigging Rope

Rigging rope is required equipment for arborists, but tree work is just the beginning for this strong and versatile product. At SEACO, we offer our Multistrand™ premium rigging rope as a solution for many applications beyond controlling limbs and trees as they fall. It’s also prominently used in the entertainment industry for stage rigging, hoisting, and other industrial and construction applications.

This incredible rope is abrasion resistant, has exceptional grip, works well when wet and is available in four diameters and two colors. Made with a high performance spun polyester composite, Multistrand™ boasts memory characteristics, where the twisted strands inherently take to the original shape. Given its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and the comfortable, “soft in the hand” feel it delivers to the user, it’s easy to see why so many love this rope. Order a spool today, or contact SEACO with any questions.

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
White w/Orange Marker3/8"600' spool1263340MLT 100
White w/Orange Marker1/2"600' spool1445750MLT 101
White w/Orange Marker5/8"600' spool1689000MLT 102
White w/Orange Marker3/4"600' spool19711300MLT 103
Black3/8"600' spool1263340MLT 104
Black1/2"600' spool1445750MLT 105
Black5/8"600' spool1689000MLT 106
Black3/4"600' spool19711300MLT 107

Rigging Rope Applications

  • Tree rigging. Quality rigging ropes help to keep everyone safe while working on a tree removal or trimming project. The secure grip that this rope provides makes it easy to manage even in difficult conditions.
  • Stage rigging. This rope is a great choice for stage rigging applications. Use this strong but lightweight rope to create breathtaking effects that you can trust. Choose the black color option to help ensure the rope is less visible in your production.
  • Tying solid knots. If you need a rope that can be formed into a variety of knots depending on the situation, our tree rigging rope is a great pick. It has the flexibility needed to create strong knots while still offering impressive strength.
  • Pulling/towing. When a strong rope is called for to pull or tow a stubborn item, rigging rope is a great candidate to consider. Check the strength rating of your rope to make sure it’s right for the job at hand.

Choosing Rigging Rope

  • Strength rating. As mentioned above, it’s always a good idea to check the strength of your chosen rope before putting it into action. Our rigging rope is very strong for its weight, with strength ratings ranging from 3,340 to 11,300 pounds.
  • Diameter. In general, the thicker the rope, the stronger it will be. But there are other reasons to pay attention to diameter as well. Certain diameters may be more suitable for working with specific equipment or applications.
  • Color. Our rigging rope is available in two colors: black or white with orange marker. Consider color-coding your rope for various applications to keep tasks organized.


*Break strength conforms with US Cordage Institute Standard CI1308-96.
*Break strength data are typical values without warranty or guarantee.